Instagram Voice note

Instagram now has a voicenote function and I can't wait to use it! One can never underestimate the power of sound and audio. Unlike text, voice carries tone easily and communicates emotions well. That is why sometimest the playlist is one of the best parts of a yoga class. If you ever attend a class… Continue reading Instagram Voice note

Yoga family

We all need support as we journey through life. Fortunately for us, 'friends are the family we choose for ourselves'. In my yoga life, I would say I have a large family. The friends who are yoga clients or acroyoga partners. The team of fellow yoga teachers I met during teacher training, and fellow Zimbabwean… Continue reading Yoga family


My favorite kind of vacation is the weekend getaway. It goes something like this. I leave early on a Friday, take a nap when I get to my destination, and then get up and enjoy my Friday evening.  Then I sleep-in on Saturday, have breakfast, do yoga, go swimming and then tour the city or… Continue reading Vacation

Throw back Thursday

Looking back at the time before I was a yoga teacher. My yoga practice has definetly grown and changed. The only reason to look back, is so that you can appreciate how far you have come. (#answeredprayers) What is your answered prayer today?