My favorite kind of vacation is the weekend getaway. It goes something like this.


I leave early on a Friday, take a nap when I get to my destination, and then get up and enjoy my Friday evening.  Then I sleep-in on Saturday, have breakfast, do yoga, go swimming and then tour the city or town. I end the day by going for dinner at a local restaurant, going dancing or more sight seeing.  Finally on Sunday, I head back home with enough time to get ready for Monday. Voila! The joys of breaking up a routine.

Everyone needs a rest day. Whether its once a week, or more, give your self a break. Your mat will be there once you get back.



3 thoughts on “Vacation

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. A typical weekend has a yoga class, laundry/chores, a few social events a dinner or a meeting, homework or regular work and church on Sunday mornings.
      So I generally visit cities. I would really like to go to Las Vegas soon.
      And hopefully one day I’ll get to visit some Zimbabwean tourist hot spots like The Victoria Falls.


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