Yoga for Free?

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I didn’t have much when I started  my yoga journey.Today, I am going to give you tips on how to get yoga for free, or really cheap.

1. YouTube!

Youtube is one the best yoga resources you can ever find. If you have access to the internet then learning from YouTube instructors costs nothing more.


2. Free Yoga in the Park classes.

I also mentioned this in a previous blog. Keep an eye out for these Facebook events and add them to your calendar. Remember to check if the class is going to be close to you. You do not want spend too much time and gas otherwise you save nothing.

3. Lululemon classes!

Certain Lululemon stores offers free yoga classes on Sunday mornings. This may be your chance to get a weekly freebie. Athleta also offers free classes. Check your local stores.

4. New member class pass.

This is not necessarily free, but often times studios offer an unlimited number of classes to new clients at a great discount. My local studio offers  a 2 weeks unlimited pass, for only $25. When I used this pass, I went to a class a day for all those 2 weeks.


5. Discounted classes.

Often times studios will offer discounted classes for various reasons. Maybe it to celebrate a holiday or to encourage you to attend a new instructors class. They often send out an email or post on their social media pages. So make sure you follow your local studios social media or check your email. You may end up getting a $5 yoga class vs paying $10-$30.

Do you have any other suggestions on how we can get cheaper/ free classes? Share them in comments!

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