Yoga in the Park 101

If you’re like me, then you love to take advantage of free yoga classes. Once spring hits, a lot of ‘Free yoga in the park’ opportunities start popping up on your Facebook events and I have a few tips to share that you may find helpful.

Take your mat with you. Its very rare for instructors to have extra mats with them when teaching outside. You can always ask if you’re not certain.

Take a water bottle and a towel with you. Make sure the water bottle has a tight lid so that nothing gets into your bottle e.g. bugs, dirt or dead leaves etc. The towel will help you wipe away dew (if its the morning) and sweat if its a hot day.

Sunscreen and repellent. There are not always pavilions or shade to protect you from the sun. This is of course an outdoor so sunscreen wool be necessary. Summer often ushers with it a whole variety of bugs especially in the late evenings. So go ahead and apply some repellent if you think you’ll need it.


Sunglasses and a hat. Sunglasses will protect from the sun’s glare while you flow.  Or you can always wear a hat.  Make sure that both of these are tight fits, so that they don’t fall off. I find that a baseball cap serves  me best.

Expect something different. Most yoga in the park classes have a different feel from an in-studio class. Sometimes instructors will plan mostly standing sequences because the ground is wet or dirty.  These classes are also often beginner friendly that means if you are doing a set style of yoga such as Ashtanga the instructor may not go through the full series.

6 thoughts on “Yoga in the Park 101

  1. I love outdoor yoga but I can’t seem to get the hand of practicing on a soft surface like grass or soil. it used to work okay for me earlier in my practice, but as my practice evolved, I had to find hardwood floors for stability. I like practicing outside, but I prefer to do it on cement. Is that sad? Haha. Hats would be a new addition to my wardrobe! Any suggestions as to where I could get a swave cap?


    1. A growing handstand practice has made me more comfortable on hard floors. When I flow out side I just cut floating out. What about yoga at the beach? Will send you a friends link for a great cap. ❤


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